Where ambitious Latinos crecen sus carreras en Norteamérica.

Your space to develop your communication, leadership skills and mental wellness with other Latin leaders. #hablamosenspanglish

We are the bridge between Latin America & North America.

What we do.

We help Latin American companies and Latinos grow their businesses and careers in the North American market. 

How we do it.

Providing access to unique communication training, cultural training & leadership development, as well as a network of powerful Latinos in North America.

Why we do it.

We believe that mezclando Latin and North American culture together we create the most powerful combination.


The resource for ambitious Latinos living and working in North America.

We help Latinos understand the cultural differences that exist in the North American business environment and how to adapt their communication in order to grow their careers.

I believe that bridging the gap between Latin America & North America will bring innovation and growth to both parts of the world.


What clients are saying.

“Me ayuda a mejorar mis habilidades de comunicación en inglés, lo más importante es que trabajamos con un enfoque cultural que nos permite ser mucho más efectivos en el mercado norteamericano”