Designed to improve your professional skills.

Different programs, courses, resources and services to help you grow your career in North America. 

“To fully realize your potential in a different market, you need to invest in your understanding of the language, cultural and leadership differences.”

Dana Doswell

What we offer you.


Mini courses designed to solve the most common doubts related to business communication for Latinos in North America, improvement of leadership skills, mental health resources and more. 


Digital resources, guides, e-books and more about diverse topics in business such as email etiquette, professional English, presentation skills and others.


A safe online environment for Latinos to receive real-time and personalized feedback with access to exclusive content and workshops. 


What clients are saying.

“Today I could not imaging not having my two hours a week with Dana because, not do I only practice and improve my business English but also because she provides me with a very clear perspective of what I can do to go to the next level in my business”

Patricia Grieco MBA CPA, CIPS